breathtaking home of paulina arcklin

hey lovelies,

it´s time to share something really breathtaking;) those of you who have a passion for scandinavian interior will definately be fascinated by the work of Paulina Arcklin. i am totally in love with her style: all in white and with some ethnic eye catchers. i like how Paulina combines modern it-pieces like the cotton lamp or Butterfly chair with rustic and ethnic elements like candle holders, vases or  indian doors that she painted in white. Paulina´s interior style is a combination of a scandinavian simplicity,  ethnic vibes, flea market flair and a touch of  industrial charm.



Paulina Arcklin´s living room


Paulina is an interior stylist and photographer, originally from Finland, now based in Amsterdam. Paulina makes not only breathtaking pictures but also creates a visual concept for her customers. She makes all-inclusive concepts for brand and online stores,  including creating a unique visual profile, styling, product photography and creating inspiring online catalogues.


Almost all pieces of furniture in Paulina´s apartment are white. Paulina says, „when i see a piece of furniture or a decoration object in some other colour, i pay attention only to the shape and structure, i see them im white“.

Her couch table for example were old palettes that she painted white. it looks great, doesn´t it?


couch table

paulina arcklin

wooden trays painted in white



old rustic door in original colour


the old rustic door paited in white

 Paulina has several rustic doors in her apartment that she painted in white.

looks like a painting on the wall;)


this is one of Paulina´s two cute dogs, of course in white as well;))


DSC_0436 copy

this picture frame was painted black


The night i found Paulinas blog  i coudn´t  sleep, i checked all her posts from the beginning and when i fall asleep (like 4 hours later;)) i dreamed of a white house full of light and it felt so good to be in there…her pictures are like a goodnight story for me;)


The industrial lamps on the ceiling are painted white as well


Paulina´s home office




The most fascinating thing about Paulina´s home is that the interior is is not that expensive. Everybody can create such an atmosphere at home. Of course there are many beatiful expensive brand it-pieces that would make your home look stylish. But often is enough to have 1-2 it-pieces and combine them  with DIY-pieces and flea market funds and may be old things that get a new life through new colour. this is what makes our homes look personal.


You can have a 3D-tour through Paulina´s apartment, made in cooperation with a Dutch TV program EIGENHUIS EN TUIN ,

click here on the  video.

lovely, isn´t it?



I am so excited to show you some of my favorite works by Paulina, where she acted both as a stylist and a photographer:


Paulina Arcklin for Happy Friday



Paulina Arcklin for Happy Friday


Paulina Arcklin for Coleur Locale Conceptstore



Paulina Arcklin for Weranna´s



Paulina Arcklin for



Paulina Arcklin for Uno Image



Paulina Arcklin for BLANC


Paulina Arcklin for Love Warriors

amazing pictures, are´nt they?

…Paulina´s home is imbued with an atmosphere of almost meditative tranquility and calmness for me and inspire me to create similar atmosphere in my home. i hope you liked Paulina´s interior style and her photography as i do and may be it inspired you to make your home even more beautiful as it is;)

You can share this post if you liked it, and join Paulina on facebook, pinterest and follow her blog, but please don´t use Paulina pictures without her persmission.

I don´t have any special plans for the afternoon, so i will have a look if i find some old vases that i can paint white:))

@ Dear Paulina, thank you very much for your kind permission to share your breathtaking pictures!!!

have a nice sunny day,



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  1. Reply
    08/11/2014 at 17:27

    Can’t get enough of this stunning interior!
    I could look at it endlessly!

  2. Reply
    08/11/2014 at 18:45

    Nannette, first, i love your name! it´s awsome. second, happy you like Paulinas interior as well.
    me too i look at her pictures almost every day, there is something in them that fascinates me so much.
    check out Paulinas photography portfolio, tons of lovely lovely pics. i hope i can make such great photos someday;)

    have a nice day!

  3. Reply
    03/01/2015 at 14:25

    oh my god what amazing photography!!!

  4. Reply
    25/07/2015 at 08:43

    Tremendous designs and specially the office room with black and white color combination.

  5. Reply
    29/09/2015 at 19:05

    Boahhhh, der Wahnsinn!!! Jetzt bin ich so mega neidisch!!!!! Du bist gemein, Ira ;))))

  6. Reply
    17/05/2021 at 20:33

    I’m in love with her work. I must find out the exact paint colors she uses!

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